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Charley's Strays  takes in dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, sizes and shapes. We also endeavor  to take in older and special needs animals other shelters won't take, and try to give them as much love and a comfortable home as possible.

No matter how young, old, neglected, or unattractive, if nobody wants them, there is a place at Charley's Strays. Due to the many unwanted critters, our space is very limited and that's why we would love to expand, and your support is critical to this goal.

  If you're thinking of getting a dog or cat for life, please don't forget about our Shelter animals, they will reward you  with so much love! If you cannot adopt an animal, please consider sponsoring one of our permanent four-legged residents. Please click on the links on the right for adoption or sponsorship information.

Only contributions to Charley's Strays, Inc. allow us to continue our mission. Donations in any amount are always needed and welcomed. We need your ongoing financial support! Because of our IRS 501(c)(3) designation, donations can be tax deductible!

We also have a wish-list for other types of in-kind donations, i.e., food, kitty litter, dog and cat treats, toys, blankets, laundry detergent, bleach, postage stamps, etc. Please telephone the Shelter for additional information.



Online donations can be made via PayPal:



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