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Although Maine is a leader in the nation in addressing the pet overpopulation challenge, we still have a significant number of homeless dogs and cats in need of sheltering.

Charley's Strays is a small, privately run/funded, 501c3 non-profit, no-kill shelter in Clinton, ME that was established in 1989. Our guests are welcome to stay with us indefinitely until the perfect home comes along, without the threat of euthanasia. This also means we are almost always at full capacity, with a waiting list for space.

Our shelter is currently licensed and inspected by the State of Maine. We have 19 over-sized, heated indoor/outdoor kennels. We also have 13 outdoor exercise pens, complete with dog houses and roofs for shade. These pens are used for dogs to play and get fresh air during nice weather. Additionally, the entire shelter property is fenced in so the dogs get time to run and play outside of their pens/kennels every day.

We are not a traditional shelter with operating hours and loads of volunteers and staff.

We have a wonderful canine caretaker who lives on site, which allows our dogs to have lots of one-to-one attention, as someone is here every night as well as during the day. We also have a few dedicated volunteers who visit to walk the dogs and help with kennel tasks throughout the week.

Due to the fact that someone lives on site, the property is actually a home for a human, as well as for the dogs. We ask that you call 207-426-9482 or email charleysstrays@yahoo.com to make an appointment to visit before coming by.

We do not have a facility to hold cats at the shelter, but we do help out an occasional feline or two. Board member and volunteer Mary is our cat foster mom. She cares for approximately 10 cats for Charley's Strays at a time.

If you are looking to adopt or sponsor a rescued dog or cat, please click here to visit our Adoptable Animals page.

If you are interested in learning more about our shelter, read pawprints in my soul, written by one of the founders of Charley's Strays, Gabriele Brewer. It is a great read and 100% of the proceeds go to support our shelter. It is available on Amazon.com


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