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Mary Grow  is our Cat-mom. We do not have housing for our many cats. For now, until we can afford to build a nice "cat house," Mary takes care of our approximately 30 felines in her own home. She has sole responsibility over them. She feeds, cleans and babies all of our kitties. They are all very adoptable, and if you are interested, please contact us.

Karen spends her Saturdays at the Shelter cleaning, feeding and handing out lots of love to the animals.

Ted Murray is a retired schoolteacher. In order to support his own crew of several dogs Ted still keeps a part-time job. On Saturdays or on days when our only paid caretaker needs time off. Ted also works at the Shelter, taking care of cleaning, feeding and all the little things which need to be done.

Jim Brewer is a retired military man, has spent many months at Charley's building doghouses, a kennel, garage, storage building, and outside runs. He is our maintenance person, a "must-have guy".

Gabriele Brewer advanced from being  Jim's gofer when he was building to writing the monthly newsletter, doing the paperwork and bookkeeping and trying to convince people to help Charley's Strays.

Gabriele and Jim also organize the yearly fundraiser which takes place at the Radisson Inn in Woburn, Massachusetts, usually on the first Saturday in June. Several supporters take care of the cost of the conference room, and donate beautiful articles to raffle, many are handcrafted items. This fundraiser is normally a well-attended, relaxed and friendly affair. There are free sodas, coffee and cake. Also, our photo albums show how things have changed at our Shelter in the last ten years. Sometimes an adoptable dog is brought along, but always someone shows up with a animal they adopted from us, to show him or her off. You meet old friends at this fundraiser and people make new friends.

Our monthly newsletter which is distributed to our supporters has the information on when, where and how. This newsletter is our "lifeline" without it there probably would be very few people remembering Charley's animals. You can read it around the first of every month, here on this website.


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