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Maine still has an unbelievable amount of homeless and abused dogs and cats. Since we are a No-Kill Shelter, there is a waiting list for space. Right now we are licensed to accommodate 33 dogs. We have 19 inside-outside runs. These runs  are large enough to house two or three dogs at the time. Since we have to be very careful about putting two dogs together, most of these runs have only one occupant. There are also 13 large outside kennels, fenced in, complete with roofs and doghouses. These are used from spring until fall. Only one dog, Sammy, our Eskimo, stays outside all year round.

We have no facilities for our cats at the Shelter, so Mary, our cat mom, has taken about 30 cats into her own home. We need to build a cat house, but there is no money do so at this time. We depend solely on donations.

We have purchased a parcel of land to build cat lodging, but this is a field, and still has to be developed (septic system, well, fencing, etc.). We hope that maybe in the near future someone will help us with a generous donation for this project. Currently the donations we are receive from our supporters cover the minimum expenses, such as; food, veterinary care, maintenance, electricity and heating. Jim Brewer would be willing to build the cat house, free of cost, but we do need the money to buy the construction materials.

With the over-population of dogs there is never enough space. If we are lucky enough to get the cathouse, our next step will be to extend  the dog housing. There is a fairly large barn on the premises which house a bull and a pig. Both of them came to Charley about 15 years ago, so its only a matter of time before Oliver the bull and Bowser the pig go to the pearly gates. After their passing we could use the barn with some modifications by adding windows, pet-doors and divide the inside into additional dog housing.

Note: Bowser the pig died in early 2005.


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